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What Are The Different Shipping Options For Air Freight?

Air freight is defined as the transportation by air of freight or cargo. It is a service supplied by air freight services to individuals, companies and organizations. Air freight services offer air transport of cargoes to various destinations within the world. You can send parcels and bulk items by air freight.

The term “air-freight service” refers to a company or organization that provides air freight service. It also denotes that the service is offered to individuals or companies, either for personal or commercial purposes. When you hire an air cargo services, you are hiring someone to transport your parcel or load from one place to another. There are different kinds of air freight service available – from private air charter, to air freight forwarding, air freight service and air freight courier.

Private air freight services are for the private use of individuals or companies. They are hired by people who are looking for peace of mind and are not willing to risk their cargo in the hands of other people. A private air freight service offers shipment of personal belongings and confidential corporate information. Private air freight services are available in different forms – from common carrier to corporate air freight service and air charter.

Air Carrier – This is the best type of air freight service for those looking for fast shipment of heavy cargoes. They arrange charter flights for individual travelers and companies. You have a choice of either buying the ticket yourself, or choosing an air carrier from among the many that are listed with them. You have to pay for the ticket as well as any extra charges. Most air carriers will provide you with the booking confirmation as well as a copy of the manifest. One advantage is that you have no worries about the rate or the condition of the cargo.

Charter Rate – This is one of the most economical modes of transportation. It allows you to use an appropriate aircraft that is suitable for the cargo that you are sending. There is a charter rate that has to be paid for the use of the aircraft. You have to pay for the transportation cost of the vehicle. Again there is no baggage, paperwork or tax payment involved. It is a low-cost option for sending small loads.

Heavy Lifting Trucks – This is another popular method of shipping goods and cargoes. An air freight concept is based on the fact that these trucks can be easily chartered and used to transport goods. However they are not for mass transfer of large cargoes. They are mainly used when the cargo has to be shifted very quickly and that the transport of such a large load is impossible. When the freight forwarder locates a client for a transportation service then the shipping options of the company are discussed in detail and the best option is usually picked.

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