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Nancy Lublin’s Crisis Text Line

A lot of teenagers use technology as the main means of communication as well as to air their distressing issues. Nancy Lublin saw this as an opportunity to research the use of technology and its positive impact on teenagers who are the main users of technology. Nancy Lublin then did research on the frequency of use of technology by teens and how they used this platform for suicide prevention. Being aware of how this platform would help reach more teenagers, the need to expand this service was felt and hence the need for crisis management emphasis. The text below shows the different ways in which the crisis text line helps in the management of teenage concerns.

Technology entails the use of videos, text messages and the most used is messaging. Most teenagers go through tough times that they don’t tell about and hence the need to use the most effective means they use to communicate. Some of the things that make teenagers have hard times include stress, suicidal thoughts, or even family issues. This gives room for counselors to train on the most effective means of solving teenage problems through the crisis text line. This enables the counselors to give the best guides as well as collect relevant information for research that will aid in solving different emergencies.

For the psychological concerns of the teens, one on one talks may not be the only effective means and hence the need to have data for other parties such as the parents and teachers. One of the importance of this platform is that a large audience can be addressed at ago. This helps gain access to teens that are not much of social media use hence making it effective for all parties. These discussions help in the active monitoring of teens and the guides needed for the discussion.

You need to know the response of the kids to the school counselors and hence the need for surveillance and monitoring. The data acquired can be used to show what the teenagers are going through without actually mentioning it. For most teens, the use of this means of communication has been the most effective and hence the need to ensure that it is effectively utilized. Nancy Lublin has the interest to expand the use of the crisis text line to other countries for expanded services in the use of technology and data to save lives. Since a lot of teens respond positively to this platform, there is a need to ensure that it is expanded such that these services reach a larger audience. Nancy Lublin has been a pillar in the use of technology for the empowerment of teenagers.

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